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About Glow

Since 2009, Audible Genesis GLOW has positively impacted the financial stability of Christian AC and the lives of it’s listeners.

GLOW imaging templates are voiced by Dave Meffert. You have the option of using him as your signature voice and simply tagging templates with your station specific names, frequencies, positioners, etc. Using a different voice is a snap. Take the empty template shell, have your voice read what you’d like to fill the space, drop it in and voila! Imagine: Imaging on the air in seconds. Whether-or-not you make Dave your signature voice, he’s available for unlimited reads at no charge for underwriting spots, your phone system, your church, whatever you need.

GLOW is more than pre-produced imaging templates. It’s all the tools required to make your own stuff. Music beds, production FX, listener audio, artist audio and misc audio drops are ready to go to battle in a searchable, downloadable database.

GLOW images your station, your shows, your music and the big holidays like Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, Valentine’s Day and more. You also get seasonal and topical material.

Upon committing to GLOW, you’ll log in and download the hefty startup package. Instantly, a huge library of elements is on your hard drive. Consider it a candy store. Yourself? A kid. Then, dive in to the full GLOW database when you browse and search online.

Updates. Oh, yeah. GLOW does updates. Every week, new elements are uploaded and you’re notified by email when they’re available.

The 60 day free trial is really 60 days and really free. The trial includes unlimited voice overs. Don’t like it after 60 days? No worries. Just let us know, remove GLOW material from your air and ride off into the sunset. No strings. Start yours today!

If a CHR sound better fits your station, try Audible Genesis CHR.


Listen to the Demo

Press play to listen to the demo or click here to download it.

GLOW Features:

    Start-up Package

    Imaging Templates

    Music Beds

    Unlimited VO

    Listener Audio

    Artist Audio

    Production FX

$150/month/signal. Translators/free. Deep discounts available to networks and multi-signal ministries.


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